Custom Gear

Custom gear is the main focus of Nora Tactical, we are able to produce anything from a single pouch to a batch of backpacks according to your specifications. Before you send us a request, please think of the following:

  • Have a plan of what you want, crude drawings are better than no drawings, and pictures are even better. Explain what the purpose of the gear is, so that I can understand how it will be used.
  • Have the measurements ready. I probably do not have Item-X that you want to fit in a pouch. “Level 4 plates” isn’t a standard measurement, nor is “radio”.
  • Make it unique. I don’t do copies, or want to be in the grey area of copying other peoples work.
  • Custom gear is expensive. Don’t expect far-east copycat pricing.

Custom projects and designs are the sole property of Nora Tactical. Any and all design traits, templates and manufacturing processes are the sole property of Nora Tactical. Any work done as “Prototyping” or “Design” will be done under contract and charged at an hourly rate unless otherwise negotiated.